Rapid growth in the commercial vehicle market

Since the cold winter of the financial crisis, China's auto market has entered a period of rapid development, and its production and sales have leapt to the top in the world. At the same time, the domestic commercial vehicle market, which has also achieved great development, has also attracted the attention of domestic and foreign auto giants.

The high growth of China's commercial vehicle market has become a general trend. In addition to domestic old commercial vehicle companies such as CNHTC, FAW, Shaanxi Auto, and Hualing, Jirui, XCMG, and Dayun have also made strides in the commercial vehicle industry. The giants of international commercial vehicles are not to be outdone. They have “raised” to seize the market share of domestic commercial vehicles, and the competition in the domestic commercial vehicle market will also become increasingly fierce.

Judging from the world’s largest international auto show in Beijing in 2010, the unprecedented enthusiasm of domestic and foreign auto makers has made other international vehicles unpredictable. This shows that the Chinese auto market is an open market and has a strong influence on foreign commercial vehicle companies. Attractive. China Commercial Vehicles Reporter believes that with the highly open support of the entire automotive market, the commercial vehicle market's inclusiveness is also enough to allow domestic and foreign companies to integrate into it, and it is difficult for the market to form a dominant position in every aspect of technology, management, and marketing. The situation.

“The transnational giant has always attached importance to China’s commercial vehicle market, and the joint venture between domestic companies and foreign brands is also a rough road. At present, no one company can say that they have occupied the market and become the market leader.” Senior industry observer Zhao Yu said, “ In the future, the development of China's commercial vehicle market will be parallel to competition and integration. At present, commercial vehicle companies at home and abroad compete with each other and depend on each other, which shows that the commercial vehicle market in China is highly open.”

After years of development in the commercial vehicle market, people in the industry believe that whether it is market-for-technology or technology-for-market, it will not work. The formation of a company's core competitiveness often cannot be solely based on hardware, technology, market, and other hardware conditions. Learning and innovation, talent cultivation, and after-sales services are also the core competitiveness of the company.

Liu Hanru, chairman of Valin Motors, once stated that the future of commercial vehicle companies in China must rely on technological innovation, and they must take the path of developing independent innovation on the basis of building their own brands. The concept of "learning organization" implemented by Zuo Yan'an, chairman of Jianghuai Automobile, also made Jianghuai rank among the top five domestic commercial vehicle manufacturers.

Domestic commercial vehicle companies have a unique market advantage, and each has a certain market share. According to statistics, local commercial vehicle companies account for 90% of domestic market share. Now this advantage is being weakened by international giants, and foreign commercial vehicle companies are now integrating with China's commercial vehicle market.

However, it takes time for foreign companies to thoroughly understand the Chinese market. Volvo, Scania and other car companies have successively expanded their markets with high-profile activities such as the organization of new car releases and product recommendation, and have gradually gained market recognition. However, commercial vehicles, which are the means of production and tools for earning money, have limited affordability for their prices, and high prices have forced them to stop. Even so, "luxury" commercial vehicles can't dominate, but they do not sell well. The degree of tolerance in China's commercial vehicle market is evident. In recent years, due to macroeconomic growth, increased market investment, and policies and regulations, China’s commercial vehicle market has experienced rapid development, and domestic and old commercial vehicle companies such as FAW, CNHTC, Shaanxi Auto, JAC, and Hualing have taken advantage of the development. Emerging forces such as Xugong, Dayun and Wuzhen captured the market, and international giants such as Volvo, Scania, Man and Caterpillar accelerated the integration of the domestic market. According to a reporter from the China Commercial Vehicles Network, in the face of huge demand and a highly open domestic commercial vehicle market, for any commercial vehicle company, development opportunities are also the dominant resistance.

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