Rare earth concentrate pellet de-ironing and dephosphorization

Rare earth concentrate pellet electric arc furnace, removal of iron ore furnace preparing a rare earth phosphate fine slag, smelting rare earth ferrosilicon alloy qualified important part. The following focuses on the process and principle of preparing rare earth concentrate slag by de-ironing and dephosphorization of electric arc furnace.

Rare earth concentrate pellet arc furnace de-ironing and dephosphorization process The use of electric arc furnace for rare earth concentrate de-ironing and dephosphorization to prepare rare earth concentrate slag has the advantages of simple process, convenient operation and high equipment utilization rate, so it is adopted in industrial production. The process flow is shown in Figure 1. The equipment used is an electric arc furnace for smelting rare earth ferrosilicon alloy, and the slag iron tank is a high temperature resistant iron casting. After the slag iron in the tank is statically cooled for more than 8 hours, it can be completely separated. Note that high-phosphorus iron cannot be mixed into the slag.

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