Ring cabinet grounding note

JDX ring network cabinet grounding note
Ring Grounding Equipment Grounding Cable Grounding Wire Overview: The grounding wire is composed of insulated operating rod, wire clamp, short-circuit wire, grounding wire, grounding ruizi, bus clip, ground clamp, etc. The wire clamp and ground clamp are made of high-quality aluminum alloy die-casting and have high strength. After surface treatment, the surface of the clamp is not suitable for oxygen. The operating rod is made of imported epoxy resin and is made into a color tube, which has good insulation performance, high strength, light weight, bright color, and smooth appearance. Portable short-circuit grounding wires can be classified into split-phase grounding wires and phase-type grounding wires. The use of different voltage, there is a single-section, multi-section operating stick. Short-circuit grounding wires are used for substations and circuits.
JDX ring cabinet grounding note:
Dry ventilation shall be ensured during storage to avoid the influence of moisture on insulation performance of the insulating rod. Every time before use, you should carefully check whether the grounding wire is in good condition. The soft plastic copper wire should be bare, broken, and the nuts should not be loosened. Otherwise you must not use it. The product should be kept clean and tidy and must not be thrown anywhere. Pay attention to sanitation work to prevent sediment and dirt from entering the pores of the product, thus affecting the normal use of the grounding wire. Welcome inquiries! We look forward to working with you!
JDX ring network cabinet ground wire Ordering Information:
1. There are two types of short-circuit grounding wire: split-phase type and combination type. There are two kinds of flat wire type and hook type wire end clamps, please indicate when users choose. 2. The cross-sectional area and length of the soft plastic copper wire are matched according to the user's specific requirements. 3, when ordering must explain the wire size range and the use of voltage levels. 4. Insulating operating rods are selected according to the requirements of the user. 5, factory equipped with a dedicated grounding pole, the user can choose according to need.
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Thank you for your attention to our products. In addition to this product introduction, our company also introduces the vacuum tester, infrared thermometer, dielectric loss tester, high voltage test transformer, vacuum oil filter, high current generator, etc. If you are interested in our products, welcome to inquire. Thank you!

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