Rui Li wants to build the largest production base for automotive brake systems in China

Our advantage is that it is listed on the United States main board, which has the most advanced automobile economy in the world, and it has found a breakthrough in fast financing and seized the capital market opportunity. Of course, for further development, Rui Li shall further accelerate the construction of China's largest production base for automotive brake systems. “Zhang Xiaoping, president of Ruili Group, emphasized this at a recent company board launch conference.

According to the company's vice president Tao Health, Ruili selected the Nasdaq stock market in the United States in July 2004 and listed on the stock exchange. Now it is listed on the Main Board. Tao Health said that Ruili brand car brake system is a famous brand product in Zhejiang province, a provincial high-tech enterprise product, a national-level technological reform project and a national debt project. Its sealability exceeds the requirements of American standards; its life span exceeds 1 million times, far Far above the level of the domestic industry; its surface salt spray corrosion resistance exceeds the requirements of the US standard. At present, the company has branches in the Middle East and the United States, and its products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and other places.

In 2005, the sales of Ruili Automobile Braking System reached more than RMB 500 million yuan, and its market share accounted for the first place in the country. There were more than 30 branch companies and more than 600 sales outlets across the country, and became more than 30 automakers. The direct supplier.

The export of the Duan Group’s products increased from 100,000 US dollars in 1999 to more than 28 million US dollars in 2005, of which the export of automobile brake systems had US$ 23.34 million. In 2005, the industry was generally sluggish, the company operated an internationalization strategy, and exports increased by 80% over the previous year, becoming the first domestic manufacturer of brake systems for foreign car OEMs.

Currently, Ruili is brewing a $30 million public fundraising plan on the Nasdaq Main Board market. The funds raised will be used for the construction of the company's 361-mu industrial park in Zhejiang's Ruian Economic Development Zone to expand the company's production capacity and increase the company's The level of research and development.

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