Selecting the right concrete pump truck can be understood with those aspects?

1. When you can go through some construction sites near you, go to the construction site where you have a concrete pump truck to see how it is performing. Then you can ask specific questions, such as how concrete pump trucks perform, and how What kind of price is it and what kind of sales price. Under normal circumstances, the driver of the concrete pump truck will not deliberately talk to you nonsense. By the way, along with the driver of the vehicle, it can be used along the channel site to see concrete. The performance of the vehicle will be explored, and it will be easy to use. How is sex in the end?  

2. It can also be understood through the introduction of friends who have bought concrete pump trucks around. This is the most reliable method. If a buddy and a friend just use a concrete pump truck with a certain brand, That is the best, not only to be able to understand the use of the vehicle well, but also to be able to tell you enough of the use of the situation and the use of experience, the vehicle model in the end there is no good applicability , and then use their own ways and needs to combine them to judge.  

3, to the leasing company to understand the situation of the concrete pump truck. Due to business and market needs, many vehicle rental companies are now starting to lease concrete pump trucks, and this is also a good point to understand the pump truck. As a related person of the leasing company, it must have understood the concrete pump trucks for each brand, and the level of understanding is certainly much better than that of other people. If you have such a leasing company around you, you may wish to chat more. First of all, you need to install a customer who needs to lease a concrete pump truck, and then under the understanding of one by one, to see if the company's main purpose is to profit, then the company owner is likely to be more inclined to introduce you to some profit Higher, but not necessarily better for the use of performance. This method must also be prudent.  

4, can go to some large vehicle repair shop to understand. As long as it is a mechanical device, it must be repaired and maintained. In the large-scale engineering vehicle repair shop, there will be frequent contact with the maintenance of the concrete pump truck. According to years of maintenance experience, it is also It will be able to understand the performance of some brands of pump trucks to a certain extent. However, due to the rapid development of the market, the performance of the concrete pump truck is better. It may not be particularly good for the performance of the concrete pump truck purchased one or two years ago. It has been greatly improved. This method can only be used as a small part of the reference.

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