Strong Upgrade of "Chai Chai Xin" Promotes Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei "Winter Olympics Blue"

When the qualifications sponsored by the 24th Winter Olympic Games in 2022 finally landed in Beijing and Zhangjiakou, the crowd cheered that "APEC Blue is coming back." Prior to the host city of the Olympic Winter Games, Fang Li of the Beijing Olympics Olympics Environmental Protection Minister stated that if Beijing’s bid to host the Winter Olympics is successful, the 2022 Winter Olympics will guarantee athletes to achieve good results in clean air. The average PM2.5 concentration is expected to drop by about 45% compared with 2012.

Strong Upgrade of "Chai Chai Xin" Promotes Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei "Winter Olympics Blue"
Strong Upgrade of "Chai Chai Xin" Promotes Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei "Winter Olympics Blue"

The successful bid for the Olympic Winter Games will push Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei to speed up pollution control and boost the integration of ecological and environmental protection. As early as June of this year, Beijing introduced the strictest emission regulations in history, and took the lead in the implementation of the fifth-phase emission standards (Beijing V emission standards) in the country. The standards strictly limit the emission of nitrogen oxides and particulate emissions. And increased the number of particle targets for new indicators of pollutant control. Among them, Tejing V also needs to install DPF (wall flow particle trap) with higher purification efficiency. Finally, Beijing V and Tejing V will achieve about a 40% drop in the emission of nitrogen oxides from bicycles, which will effectively reduce tailpipe emissions from heavy-duty diesel vehicles. Pollution of the atmosphere.

Beijing's emission standards are the nation's "wind vane." Weichai, which has always been responsible for energy conservation and emissions reduction, has always attached great importance to market cultivation in this area and used it as a “testing field” to test its own technological level. In June this year, relying on the smart power platform, Weichai pioneered the development of a full range of "Putin V" and "Tekine V" (with DPF) products integrating Weichai's WOS operating system, global R&D community, and optimized global supply chain. Four systems, including the system and the exclusive lifecycle membership service, can provide customers with an efficient operating system, strong technical support, the world's most competitive supply chain cluster, and comprehensive post-market service support. At the end of June, Weichai also specially launched the latest special Beijing Five products with the Fuman Daimler plant at the Auman II plant, and successively launched the WP7, WP10 and WP12 three special Beijing five engines , which became China's first launch " Tejing V" engine business. Compared with "Putin V", "Tekine V" engine has added DPF after-treatment device, using TV + CR + DOC + DPF + SCR + ASC technology route, the entire discharge of PM and PN to the market the lowest product, is Beijing V emissions The limit of 10% is lower than the Euro VI emission limit.

Facing the improvement of emission regulations and the country’s new requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction, as a leader in China's internal combustion engine industry, Weichai has always regarded it as a challenge and an opportunity to co-exist, forcing itself in the selection of new technology and new energy-saving and emission reduction technologies. , Remanufacturing and other circular economy development, new energy technology promotion, new materials and new process applications, etc., make great efforts to further improve the energy-saving and emission reduction level of internal combustion engine products, improve the ability of enterprises to resist risks, and improve the international competitiveness of the internal combustion engine industry. .

In 2014, Weichai's engine plate product R&D investment reached 1.4 billion yuan, completed a full series of vehicle IV and V diesel engine emission certification development, WP3 two-valve IV vehicle diesel engine went on the market in small quantities, and the automatic ECU electronic control system succeeded. Supporting natural gas engines, the WP13 high-powered heavy-duty commercial vehicle engine was released and launched. 562 patents were filed throughout the year, including 145 invention patents.

At the 2015 business annual meeting, Weichai also launched more than a dozen new products such as truck power, construction machinery power, and passenger car power. It has an overall layout from 2L to 13L, ranging from light to medium-sized and heavy-duty engines, and fully meets the requirements of the country. Emissions regulations require. Facing the upgrade of emission regulations, Weichai has made adequate preparations for its products and technologies.

At present, in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the number of Weichai engines has reached tens of thousands of units, of which the number of passenger cars is in excess of 10,000. Weichai engines fully meet the requirements of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei emission regulations and are recognized by customers for their advantages of strong power, reliable quality, and low fuel consumption. At the 29th Beijing Olympic Games, which attracted worldwide attention, thousands of passenger cars and trucks supporting Weichai engines served this event. In order to do a good job during the Olympic Games, Weichai has specially established the Beijing Olympics service team to take full charge of organizing and coordinating service activities during the Olympics, and to directly dispatch personnel and service stations participating in the Olympic Games, and at the same time launch a special Olympic Games service policy. , Actively doing a good job of the Beijing Olympic Games.

It is believed that with the commencement of infrastructure construction for the Olympic Winter Games, the Weichai engine will also become one of the important power options for the construction machinery equipment for the Olympic Winter Games and other infrastructure projects. Helping Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei "Winter Olympics Blue" and Weichai in action.

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1.Product Introduction

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1 Casting Elbow DN125*R275*90D SK , 148mm
2 Casting Elbow
SK , 148mm
3 Casting Elbow
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4 Casting Elbow
SK , 148mm
5 Casting Elbow
SK , 148mm
6 Casting Elbow
SK , 148mm
7 Casting Elbow
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8 Casting Elbow
SK , 148mm
9 Casting Elbow
SK , 148mm
10 Casting Elbow
SK , 148mm
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