Technical characteristics of rain test equipment

Technical characteristics of rain tester
The rain tester is suitable for waterproofing test of external lighting and signal devices and automotive lamp housings. Testing of electrical products, enclosures and seals to ensure the good performance of equipment and components in the rain. This product adopts scientific design, so that the device can realistically simulate various environments such as dripping, dripping, splashing, spraying. Entering the comprehensive control system and the use of frequency conversion technology, the rotation angle of the rainfall sample rack, the swing angle of the water spray swing lever and the frequency of the water spray volume can be automatically adjusted.
Rain test case structure
1. The shell material of the box body is treated with high quality stainless steel hairline, and the inner shell material is made of stainless steel light plate; the large-area visible glass door is convenient for observing the status of the sample in the test box;
2.Imported frequency converter is used to control the speed to effectively ensure that the test runs according to standards;
3. The bottom of the test box uses high-quality fixed PU movable wheels, which is convenient for users to move;
4.Has a 270-degree pendulum tube and a 360-degree rotating water spraying device;
5.Sample stage with adjustable speed;
Technical characteristics
1. The use of scientific design makes the device able to provide realistic simulation of dripping, dripping, splashing, spraying and other environments.
2. More than 1,000 rain holes are evenly arranged on the top plate, so that the drip distribution is very uniform.
3. The comprehensive control system and the use of frequency conversion technology make the rainfall, the rotation angle of the sample rack, the swing angle of the water spray swing rod, the water spray volume, and the swing frequency can be adjusted automatically.

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