Technical transformation of air compressor cooling water system

It is impossible to meet the actual needs, and technological transformation is imperative.

1 Status analysis The two models of Dongtan mine air compressor are water-cooled and cooling. The water supply system of cooling water is circulating closed-circuit water supply. The cooling system is sprayed by the cylinder water jacket intercooler and the cooler oil cooler pump line. The water unit is composed of a cooling pool. During the disassembly and overhaul of the over-temperature air compressor, it was found that there was large scale in the cylinder water jacket. After the intermediate cooling, the heat exchanger ruler of the cold oil cooling part is smashed by the scale, affecting the flow rate of the cooling water, and the heat exchange effect is poor, and the cooling effect cannot be achieved. The new machine will issue an over-temperature alarm signal and stop when it runs for a month. The reason is also that the heat exchange tubes in the oil-cooled and air-cooled pipes are blocked and the cooling effect is poor.

After analysis, the main reason is that the cooling water source is industrial and mining water, and the hardness is 12. When the heat generated by the movement of the equipment causes the circulating water temperature to exceed 4, the precipitation of the salt in the water is intensified, causing the cooling surface to scale, so the cooling water hardness is required. Not more than 10 degrees, the water quality is neutral, the suspended matter is not more than 25, the amount of the machine is not more than 25 to 1., oily water; not as large as 10, so the cooling water supply temperature is not higher than 3, the drainage temperature is not higher than 4 Air compressor water quality requirements must be clean and free of impurities, water quality is neutral. If the water quality is not good, the following faults and hidden dangers will occur.

The cooling system quickly fouls, which not only reduces the heat transfer capacity of the cooler, but also slows the heat exchange, and reduces the flow area of ​​the cooling water. In severe cases, the water pipe will be blocked.

In summer, the inlet water temperature is higher than 3, 厮, 露雀叽锎5; exhaust temperature is 160 磕谖 叽锏 叽锏 5, air compressor operation often over temperature alarm shutdown, configured with multiple cooling 4, and wall fan cooling. The effect fire 6 is obvious. In the maintenance state, the maintenance workload is large, and the scale of the cooler and the carbon deposit of the suction and exhaust valve are often manually removed; the overtime work is repaired and the fault is repaired, and the maintenance cost is high.

The original cool pool is not closed in the open air, there is more coal dust, and there are a lot of dirty things deposited on the bottom of the pool. The pool wall has thicker algae, and there are more floating objects in the pool, which seriously affects the water quality.

Secondly, the nozzle of the fountain device is blocked in many places, and the heat dissipation and cooling effect is poor; the cold water pump bottom valve 5 has high oil temperature and low viscosity, and cannot form sufficient oil film. The shaft and the bearing bus alloy directly cause the grinding shell, when reaching the alloy hall point, The surface will be melted and burnt; in severe cases, the crankshaft will be deformed, causing an accident.

2 Modification scheme 0 Install the softened water device, so that the cooling water adopts softened water and is not easy to scale; the cooling tower cooling facility is used to enhance the cooling result; the pool is closed to prevent pollution. The specific scheme of this transformation is to soften and cool the closed loop, that is, to increase the ion exchange softening water device cooling tower hot water pump pipeline pump and the corresponding pipeline gate valve on the basis of the existing facilities, remove the fountain device, and close the hot and cold pool to maintain the water quality. clean.

3 technical key points The softening method of cooling water is usually used in the chemical ion exchanger method and the magnetic water method. 1 effect is small. Therefore, the ion exchanger method is considered. After investigation, the United States Kangke water softener, model melon 200400, flow 4; 1. The hardness of the water is called. The 2+ structure is such that ions are released from the ions when they are exchanged by the tree tire. The water flowing out of the water softener is the softened water from which the hardness ions are removed.

The cooling tower adopts counterflow type, the model is 200, the standard circulating water is good. (1) The hot water pump will be empty, the hot water will be pressed into the top of the cooling tower and sprinkled by the water sprinkler. The sheet radiator will form raindrops; the top fan will be opened and the bottom will be opened. Take away the hot air to cool down.

4 Scheme implementation 1 Switch the water pipe to the small pool in the west and block the connecting pipe with the large pool. During the operation, the temperature of the mining water is continuously supplemented to 192, and the hot water is discharged to control the water temperature difference not to exceed 0.

Mechanical installation. Remove the fountain device on the pool and install two cooling towers. The base is made of I-beam and concrete is poured. Lay steel beams on the hot pool to install three hot water pumps, and configure the pipelines and gate valves to be integrated with the cooling tower.

3 Civil construction cleaned the algae sludge scale in the large pool, divided the reinforced concrete pouring wall in the middle of the large pool into a hot and cold pool, and strengthened the old pool; then closed the top of the pool with prefabricated cement board, only An observation hole is left for observing the water level and water quality.

The softened water device and the pipe pump are installed, and the corresponding pipelines are prepared. Two fresh water pumps are specially installed for the new pressure fan to increase the total cooling water of the system and have a spare water pump.

The special electronic control system is configured, and the cooling tower fan is started and stopped by the electric contact to realize the automatic control of the water temperature.

After all the preparatory work is in order, the mine is shut down for maintenance and repairing, and then the system is switched. The new pressure fan cooling water softening cooling system is officially put into operation.

5 economic benefits before and after the renovation of the pressure fan, such as 1.

Project temperature level exhaust level intake level exhaust air package inlet water outlet water tank water quality before and after transformation before the transformation After the above data, after the cooling water system transformation, the pressure fan various temperatures dropped by é‚¡0, the equipment failure rate decreased by 70, Saving material costs more than 10,000 guarantees the normal supply of mines has created favorable conditions for mine ampoules production.

Branch. Deputy Director of the Enterprise Management Division of Yankuang Group Property Branch.

communication. A switch with 10 dispatching telephones is arranged at the wellhead, and the underground hanging tray is provided with an anti-noise telephone. The well can be conveniently communicated with the dispatching room of the winch room of the pressure blower through the wellhead.

The signal is set in the signal chamber at the wellhead, and the é‚›3 type complete signal system is adopted. When the signal is sent out in the well, the wellhead and the winch house have sound and light finger system, and have signal display memory function. The wellhead and the hanging plate are equipped with a probe, and the wellhead hanging plate can be monitored by a television monitoring system in the winch room.

illumination. In the wellhead, the signal 1 is used, and the 3, type complete signal system. When the signal is sent out in the well, the wellhead and the winch house have sound and light finger system, and have signal display memory function. The wellhead and the hanging plate are equipped with a probe, and the wellhead hanging plate can be monitored by a television monitoring system in the winch room.

Flip and drain. With the hook type automatic turning, the dump truck is transported to the designated location.

measuring. During the construction of the wellbore, according to the near-well data provided by Party A, the cross-point of the wellbore is established, the well is calibrated, and the wellhead elevation is determined. The measurement method of the center of the wellbore is the suspension hammer method.

Type forced ç ¼ mixer, used, melon 1600 type ç ¼ batching machine loading. The biggest feature of the system is the use of microcomputer-controlled automatic metering device and automatic feeding and batching system, measuring error 2, and can be adjusted to adapt to different mix ratio requirements, the operator has less speed. The agitated water is provided with a water tank on the operating platform, and the water and the additive are metered by a volumetric method. The clinker is smashed under the bottom unloading bucket, and the sling is subjected to ash ash and then fed into the mold through the conveying pipe.

5 Before the construction safety measures are started, the relevant functional departments must inspect and accept the digging well systems; the lifting and suspending wire ropes must be tested before they can be used. The use of special personnel must be regularly checked and the inspection records should be completed; Before that, special personnel should be organized to turn the fixed plate of the sealing plate from the wheelless platform to the underground hanging plate for thorough inspection and thorough removal to prevent the screws and debris from falling. Before the system is commissioned, it must be tested and found to be processed in time. All the important types of work must pass 141; training, holding the card and sweating, fixing the plate. The gap should be sealed to prevent falling objects from hurting people; during construction, the staff must wear safety belts to wear safety helmets; the hooks must be kept in the upper and lower positions, and the personnel and materials should be strictly operated according to the regulations. When the personnel raises the well, the bucket must be stopped after the bucket is stopped and the cover door is closed; when the upper and lower wells are not allowed to extend the hand and the head out of the bucket; after lifting the bucket about 1.5, 1, the first stop is stable. Pending pomelo 1.1 set 15. Clear! Seven 1 bottom! In order to send out the lifting signal; when lifting the material and installing the frozen soil, it must not be overfilled to avoid falling and hurting people. The filling capacity of the bucket is 0.9; using the wind tunneling, the air duct connection must use 10 wire and wind. Connected to prevent the wind belt from falling off and hurting people; the upper and lower materials and steel bars must be tied and not extended beyond the bucket; when lifting the hanging plate template, special personnel must be commanded, illegal operation is prohibited, and illegal operation is prohibited; Safety ladders should be provided from the work surface to the hanging plate and from the hanging plate to the ground for use in the event of a lifting device failure or power failure.

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