The "change" approach under the new situation of LED lighting industry

The future of LED lighting companies to survive. Every industry follows such a law, the survival of the fittest and the elimination of the weak. If you are not strong, elimination will be the final result. How to become a strong? This depends on how companies grasp opportunities and seek survival and development. Some insiders said that the lighting industry needs to follow the direction of the five-way construction to comply with the development of LED lighting.
1, the appearance of fashion. The appearance is the first impression of people on the product, and it is also a direct reflection of the decorative effect of the lighting. With the improvement of living standards, people's requirements for quality of life are getting higher and higher, and the appearance of lamps will be more focused, so that LED lamps can be environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and fashionable, and become the goal of manufacturers. It is conceivable that beautiful and fashionable LED lighting fixtures can make people pleasing, enhance people's life and beautify our living environment.
2. Control intelligence. The lighting control has to change the single switching mode. It can select multiple modes of illumination according to different scenes, automatically adjust the brightness and color temperature of the light, and even adjust the color to meet people's needs and achieve optimal lighting and energy saving effects. Not only traffic, industrial and mining, shopping malls, office buildings and other lighting should be remotely and centrally intelligently controlled, but the lighting of people's homes can also be remotely controlled by mobile phones or computers, making people's lives more convenient and environmentally friendly. These previously thought-provoking ideas, which are incredible, are now being realized through research by manufacturers.
3. Production automation. Since the development of the LED lighting industry, there are still many small manufacturers and small enterprises that rely on hand workshops or labor-intensive industries. These manufacturers have neither professional R&D personnel and equipment, nor a strict quality assurance system. The products produced are shoddy and the quality cannot be guaranteed, which seriously disrupts the LED lighting market and damages the interests of consumers. This phenomenon must be changed. In the future, powerful LED manufacturers must strengthen the research and development of products, continuously improve the automation production capacity, and establish a sound scientific and perfect quality assurance system.
4. Product standardization. In the LED lighting industry, in addition to some large companies specializing in the production of LED lighting products, such as Shanghai Sansi, etc., with strong research and development strength and production capacity, more LED lighting companies are very weak, lacking professional production strength, production The product specifications and technical parameters of the luminaires do not meet the industry standards and are very confusing. In order to maintain the healthy and orderly development of the LED lighting market and realize the product upgrading and resource sharing, some professional manufacturers with R&D strength and production capacity will be duty-bound to assume the responsibility of standardizing and standardizing the products in the industry, and strive to promote the LED lighting industry to continue to standardize. Mature development.
5. Sales globalization. With the development of the LED lighting market, LED lighting products have been accepted by more and more people, and the superiority of LED lighting products has become increasingly prominent. Not only does China have a huge consumer market, but the international market cannot be underestimated. As long as we practice our internal strength and continuously develop products that reach the international advanced level, an era of global sales will surely come.

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