The digital production line of the shipyard developed by CSSC is recently completed.

Recently, the digital production line design projects of “Dalian Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Ship Segment Digital Workshop Non-standard Equipment” and “Nantong COSCO Kawasaki Ship Engineering Co., Ltd. Robot Welding Production Line” undertaken by CSIC Jiuyuan Equipment Institute have recently been completed. Both production lines have introduced robotic intelligent equipment. The designers of CSSC have integrated the intelligent equipment process to design the digital production line, which solves the intelligent lifting, conveying, diverting and docking of workpieces between different stations, and realizes mechanization. Automation greatly increases production efficiency.

It is reported that the "Dalian Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Ship Segment Digital Workshop" project is a "special project for the development of intelligent manufacturing equipment" submitted by the National Shipbuilding and Reform Commission by the Big Ship Group. The digital workshop includes workshop production lines, flat assembly line welding gantry, high-efficiency HIVAS devices, and rotary welding hangers. After many visits by the owners, the use of production lines in various groups in China was compared. It is believed that the comprehensive technology of CSSC is relatively mature. Previously, CSSC has successfully designed the largest and most complete component production line (group production line) in Dalian COSCO. The long-term shipyard process design experience and a large number of professional design talents are the unique advantages of CSSC. . In the design of the digital workshop, the technical staff of the special equipment of the equipment of the China Shipbuilding and Jiuyuan Equipment Institute, Chen Chen, and Ma Jun led the members of the team, and proposed a concise and effective design plan for the owners in a very short period of time. The whole design work was smooth and smooth. Received the affirmation and praise of the owners.

It is understood that "Nantong COSCO Kawasaki Ship Engineering Co., Ltd. robot welding production line" has been invested in research and design since 2012. The owner has invested heavily in the introduction of four automated robotic production lines, including strip, profile, assembly and welding. Zhongchuan Jiuyuan has undertaken the latest robotic automatic welding production line. It is also the first robotic automatic welding production line of domestic shipyards. The whole line consists of assembly station, robot welding station, repair station, back burning station and moving out station. Welding is the key to shipbuilding. Robot welding production efficiency is 5 to 6 times that of manual manual welding. The quality of the robot welding production line is stable and high precision. The robot works in a special operation room and the workshop environment is more tidy. At present, the production line has entered a stage of intense production, and it is expected that the entire line will be completed in October this year.

With the continuous advancement of "Made in China 2025", the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing industry has also been gradually promoted in the shipbuilding industry. The digitalization and intelligent technological transformation of shipyards has become a new driving force for the innovation, upgrading and sustainable development of shipbuilding enterprises. As the “leader” of the shipyard planning and design, CSIC No. 9 Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. has been investing in the intelligentization of shipbuilding enterprises and the upgrading of key technologies in recent years, combining the professional design advantages of technology, equipment and public utilities with shipyards. Collaboration design and transformation of mechanized production lines have taken new steps in digital and intelligent design.

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