The first case of domestically-provided domestic oil pump that meets multiple operating conditions was successfully invested in Guangzhou Petrochemical

On February 18, the first domestically-made domestic oil pump that satisfies a variety of working conditions was successfully put into production for use through a 72-hour continuous smooth operation assessment at the south side of Guangzhou Petrochemical Huade Company. The constant speed motor drives the pump to meet the process requirements of 1400 cubic meters/hour, 1100 cubic meters/hour and 650 cubic meters/hour flow rate, and provides safe and stable oil supply for Guangzhou Petrochemical crude oil long-distance pipelines. Reliable protection.

At present, the domestic long-distance pipeline pipeline pump adopts imported equipment. In accordance with the actual needs of crude oil supply, Guangzhou Petrochemical conducted field research on different brands of long-distance pipeline pumps. Based on their experience in manufacturing and operation of imported oil pumps, they focused on solving the technical problems of low NPSH, wide flow range, and difficulty in reaching vibration and leakage, and succeeded in realizing the long-distance pipeline pump production. Change.

After testing, the technical performance of the localized long-distance pipeline pump technology, vibration, leakage and other technical parameters have reached the corresponding A-type indicators API610 and API682 standards, the performance of the same level of imported equipment.

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