The list of commercial vehicles recommended by the Ministry of Communications was exposed by FAW, and the Dongfeng was caught

At the end of April, the Ministry of Communications issued the first 24 models of road freight cars and car trains. Since April 20th, 2005, the Ministry of Communications issued a "Circular on the Release of Working Rules for Recommended Cars for Freight Cars and Automobile Trains" (Gao Jiaofa [2005] No. 170, hereinafter referred to as "Notice") for a full year. "Cars and car train models recommended" has finally blossomed. By then, these models will be affixed with an aluminum license plate, marked with two lines of red text: "Recommended car", "The People's Republic of China Ministry of Communications."
What is surprising is that, as the two giants of truck companies, FAW Jiefang Automobile Co., Ltd. and Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. have no car. This book-size license plate is likely to completely change the pattern of medium and heavy trucks and even the entire truck industry.

Recommended for managing overload

“The introduction of recommended models will certainly have an impact on the industry. Futian will continue to strengthen and continue to strengthen our sales and after-sales service system.” Although only one model was selected, Zhao Jingguang, deputy secretary of the Beijing Futian Party Committee and spokesman of the press, expressed his pleasure.

In addition to Beiqi Foton, the other 23 models come from 3 companies: China Heavy-duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. (8 models), CIMC Vehicle Group Co., Ltd. (7 models), Inner Mongolia First Machinery Manufacturing (Group) Co., Ltd. (8 models) . According to Cai Tuanjie, deputy director of the Department of Highways of the Ministry of Transport, these recommended models were reviewed by expert teams.

However, none of FAW Jiefang Automobile Co., Ltd. and Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. appeared on the list.

According to the "Notice" issued by the Ministry of Communications last year: "A freight vehicle manufacturing enterprise that has been included in the national approved automobile product announcement and produces a vehicle model that meets the requirements of Article 3 of the Rules may voluntarily declare the recommended vehicle model for freight cars and automobile trains."

However, as long as the production enterprise submits the “recommended vehicle application form”, product announcements, model information published in the 3C certification, recommended model photos, and product stereotypes test reports, and copies of mandatory inspection reports, it will be submitted to the Ministry of Transport Car Trailer Quality Supervision, Inspection and Test Center. After receiving the materials, the quality inspection center will conduct a preliminary examination on the completeness of the materials within 3 days and organize experts to carry out on-site inspections and tests within 30 days.

The Ministry of Transport stated that this move will “oversee overload from the source and enhance transport safety, and will play an active role in overcoming overloaded and overloaded trucks.”

On April 19th, the Ministry of Communications took the lead, and nine ministries and commissions, including the Ministry of Public Security, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Central Propaganda Department, joined forces to re-administer the overload and issued the "Notice on the National Supervising Tasks in 2006". At the same time, the General Office of the State Council also issued the "Circular on Strengthening the Control of Overloading and Overloading of Vehicles" (Guobanfa [2005] No. 30). Among them, "completely solving the problem of "large-tonnage small-scale vehicles" is emphasized.

FAW, Dongfeng failed to enter the game

Obviously, Dongfeng Limited and FAW's liberation did not pay enough attention to this declaration. "Frankly speaking, FAW and Dongfeng did not file a declaration," informed sources said.

"I don't know. This is a small thing," said Zhu Jiefei, director of Dongfeng Limited President Office. "We are busy going offline and going public (referring to the May 18 Dongfeng Tianlong heavy truck being listed offline)."

In fact, only the Dongfeng Tianlong heavy trucks that have just been offline will not meet the applicable standards of the models recommended by the Ministry of Communications even if they are declared. According to reports, the first batch of "recommended freight cars and car trains have exceeded the maximum speed of 100km/h (the current maximum speed of most domestic heavy trucks and tractors produced is about 90km/h)." The maximum speed of the Tianlong heavy truck is only 90km/h.

Many industry experts do not think this is a "small thing."

According to the relevant documents issued by the Ministry of Transport Highway Department, for the recommended models, the competent transportation departments at all levels, road transportation management agencies, and road management agencies shall support the models recommended for freight cars and automobile trains. In terms of market access management, Priority should be given to licensing, and certain concessions should be given in terms of fee collection and etc. The specific concessionary measures shall be formulated by the provincial-level transportation authority in conjunction with the finance and price departments at the same level."

In addition to related tangible benefits such as fee collection and market access, “a greater impact on users is consumer psychology.” The above experts believe. He analyzed that the "Ministry of Communications" as a national ministry itself has a strong radiant energy for consumer psychology.

More importantly, as long as there is a "recommended car" license, it is just like getting a "special permit" when driving. According to the stipulations, “the traffic administrative law enforcers at all levels shall not randomly check, detain, and impose fines on the recommended models, and shall provide convenience for rapid passage in the inspection of overloading and overloading; The traffic administrative law enforcement personnel shall strictly handle the regulations in a timely manner and shall not retain vehicles for a long time."

The FAW Liberation and Dongfeng Limited may soon face a series of "distressed" issues. Manager Meng Jiefang of the FAW Liberation Marketing Department has stated that FAW Liberation will then communicate with relevant departments of the Ministry of Communications.

Heavy-duty card market shuffle?

The Department of Transportation’s handling of this ultra-threatening move is likely to be a “sweeping spell” for the already depressed truck market.

According to statistics provided by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, after experiencing the first sharp decline in eight years in 2005, the first quarter of this year remained sluggish. The entire truck market produced a total of 451,062 vehicles and 421,211 vehicles, an increase of 5.37% and 5.5% year-on-year. Among them, the growth factor entirely comes from micro-cards and light trucks. In terms of heavy trucks, 74,435 vehicles and 65,963 vehicles were sold and sold in the first quarter, down by 20.38% and 9.11% year-on-year. In terms of heavy trucks, 50102 vehicles and 42630 were sold and sold in the first quarter, a year-on-year decrease of 17.09%. And 18.07%. The heavy-duty card market shuffles audio and audio.

Judging from the sales volume in the first quarter of this year, the heavy truck ranked first in the liberation of FAW, with sales of 14,709 units. From the specific data, in the heavy truck market in the first quarter of this year, followed by China National Heavy Duty Truck, sales of 14,116 units, the output of less than 600 vehicles.

"Obviously, once the "recommended car license plate" is obtained, the strong Sinotruk is likely to exceed the liberation of FAW," said the expert. The strength of the four companies to which the Ministry of Transportation recommended cars belonged to is not uncommon. For example, Beiqi Foton, which was introduced from Auman, has been buoyant in heavy-duty trucks products, ranking first in the sales rankings. The other two companies are also auto manufacturers with total assets of more than 2 billion yuan, and they all belong to the top ten companies in the sales list of medium and heavy trucks.

"The strength of the recommended model production company plus the preferential measures of the Ministry of Communications will certainly accelerate the reshuffling of the medium- and heavy-duty truck industry. If FAW Jiefang and Dongfeng Limited do not pay enough attention to the models recommended by the Ministry of Communications, the top spot may be within a year or two. Changes have occurred.” The above experts predict that “because abandoning a recommended car model is equivalent to giving up the 'Special Pass' of the Ministry of Communications.”

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