The "national team" has launched its own brand cars in full force

According to the Shanghai Youth Daily, if 2005 is the "national mobilization" year for China's autonomous car brands, 2006 will be the year for China's own brand cars. In recent years, with the appeal of the government and the industry, large automobile groups have formulated their own brands' strategic plans.

In the planning, FAW, SAIC and Changan will all launch strategically important vehicles in 2006. Including the domestic debut of the first self-brand high-end car - FAW "Pentium", Changan's first multi-purpose family sedan and SAIC's first self-owned brand sedan, and based on Rover 75 platform on the high-level cars. In addition, in 2007, NAC’s “MGC” after its acquisition of Rover will also be available; in 2008, the Dongfeng brand sedan with completely independent intellectual property rights will be listed.

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