The "no white" effect shows that the LED lighting market is gradually picking up

With the global demand for LED market caused by the global whitening effect, and the decline in product prices, the process of LED lighting is becoming more and more popular.
According to the organizers, the number of exhibiting companies has increased compared with previous years. A total of 400 companies from China, the United States, Japan, Korea, Europe and other countries (regions) participated in the exhibition, including international brands such as Philips, Osram, GE, and Panasonic. Toshiba, Iris Ohyama and other Japanese brand manufacturers.
According to the information disclosed in this exhibition, Japan will continue to maintain the global LED market share of 25.6 in 2014, which is the largest market for LED lighting. North America ranks second in the market share of global LED 23.1; EU and China respectively 20.3 And 16 market share is close behind.
As an industrial powerhouse in the LED field, Japan's role in promoting the development of the world's LED industry cannot be underestimated. Especially after the earthquake in Japan in 2011, due to energy-saving pressure, Japan implemented the incandescent lamp in full in 2012. The ban has objectively brought about the rapid growth of the LED industry. In 2012, Japanese LED bulbs accounted for 42.3 of the total bulb sales, exceeding incandescent lamps.
In fact, in the EU, which has paid more attention to energy conservation issues, the ban on whitening has already begun. As early as 2009 and 2010, the EU has begun to ban 100W and 75W incandescent lamps, respectively, and the global ban on incandescent lamps below 60W since 2014 has been in place as early as two years ago in 2012. Implemented by the European Union.
However, because both the EU and Japan are at the forefront of the market for light source replacement, the pace of development of their energy-saving market is earlier than that of the North American market. Therefore, on January 1, 2014, after the US government announced a comprehensive ban, the North American market is currently Gradually become a new industry growth hotspot. Authoritative market research institutions have shown that some of the companies that focused on exporting Japan and Europe have begun to move to the North American market.
According to the data, LED lighting accounts for only 10 in the new products listed in the US market in 2013, but it is expected to reach 25 in 2014, and will reach 50 in 2015. Thus, the composite growth rate of the US LED lighting market will remain at 2014-2015. At the level of 268, the relevant annual transaction amount will also be as high as $11.7 billion.
Analysts pointed out that under the overall stable global lighting market, the US market is showing strong growth momentum and will quickly pass to the global LED market.
In addition, in emerging markets such as Brazil, India, Vietnam, Russia and other countries, these markets for LED lighting products are showing a rapid growth, and relevant departments have also introduced various plans and drafts to support the LED lighting industry. development of.
Lower prices have boosted the popularity of LED lighting. While the industry landscape has changed, the price of global LED lighting products has also shown a whitening effect. Affected by upstream chip technology and rapid price decline, the price gap between LED lighting and traditional lighting products is gradually narrowing, and the decline in the price of downstream LED lighting products has become an indisputable fact. At present, the price of LED lighting products is declining at a rate of about 20 per year. In many areas, whether it is to replace 40W or 60W LED bulbs, the minimum price is even less than 10 dollars, and gradually approach the price of traditional energy-saving lamps.
Some media pointed out that there are two main factors affecting the price of LED products and driving down prices: on the one hand, the increase in technology has led to a decline in LED production costs. In recent years, LED upstream chip field investment is huge, the current chip price has dropped to 30 in 2010; at the same time, the emergence of new technologies has become a powerful weapon for the industry's future LED face price pressure. On the other hand, due to the huge prospect of LED lighting attracting the influx of capital, the increasingly fierce market competition has made the price reduction have become an important competitive means for LED companies.
Relevant research institutions believe that due to the gradual lowering of the price of the upper and middle reaches, the average price of global LED lighting products will still have room to fall in 2014. It is expected that the price of LED indoor lighting products in China will drop by about 20 per year from 2013 to 2014. It is expected to usher in a new round of strong outbreaks.
At the same time, the internal integration of the industry is frequent, and the decline in the price of the LED lighting market has also led to the integration and survival of the inferior in the industry. More and more international manufacturers are tending to acquire various regional channel manufacturers or technology manufacturers to expand their own lighting channels. Establish a patent network or develop a total solution to enhance its competitiveness to maintain market leadership.
Toshiba announced in April 2013 that it has acquired the white LED chip development assets of Puri Optoelectronics, a manufacturer of LED lighting equipment, and aims to strengthen the white LED business for lighting through this acquisition. Combining the high-level technology and experience of Purui Optoelectronics with Toshiba's semiconductor mass production technology, expanding the product line of white LED products, expanding the scale of production and strengthening competitiveness; At the same time, Toshiba uses the assets of the acquisition, Accelerate the development and product promotion of related semiconductors.
Coincidentally, Philips is also building a strong patent network by acquiring various component suppliers and control system manufacturers. In addition, through the acquisition of regional lighting manufacturers, it also provides effective support for the expansion of lighting channels in various regions. Lighting manufacturer Acuity Brands has also acquired a large number of lighting solutions manufacturers in recent years, with the aim of integrating intelligent management systems to develop its smart lighting industry.
In response to the above-mentioned more influential acquisitions, industry insiders pointed out that the giants' rush to intervene in the LED lighting industry will help to improve the increasingly homogenization phenomenon in the industry and solve the current dilemma of low industry concentration.
Compared with overseas LED lighting giants to increase industry concentration through acquisitions, China's domestic LED lighting industry's concentration is enhanced by the current foreign market banned trend of the east wind, last August, the EU announced new standards for LED lighting products energy efficiency, including It is stipulated that the energy efficiency index for the second phase in 2014 is 0.2, which is 2.2 times of the current implementation standard in China. After the implementation of the new regulations, the certification and sampling fees for product compliance must be increased by about 10,000 yuan, which will eliminate some of the overseas LEDs. Lighting is a small and medium-sized Chinese luminaire manufacturer that makes a living for the OEM, thus effectively promoting the concentration of the industry in China.

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