The speed of high-speed rail is reduced to 300 kilometers per hour.

The Beijing Municipal Railway Administration stated that it has not received any information yet. It is unclear how this operation is specific. It is understood that Beijing West Railway Station and Beijing Railway Station have not received official notice from their superiors.

High-speed train tickets all real names from June

Following on the 1st of April in the Ministry of Railways' all-around video conference call, Minister of Railways Sheng Guangzu said that he will speed up the promotion of real-name high-speed railway ticket sales. On the day before, Sheng Guangzu once again stated that the real-name system for high-speed rail tickets was sold and the implementation timetable was given.

Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail network took the lead

Sheng Guangzu said that starting from June 1 this year, all EMU trains in the country will implement a real-name ticket purchase system. At the end of June, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway took the lead in implementing online ticketing. At the end of this year, the national railway will fully promote Internet ticket sales.

The Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail fare is lower than the fare

According to Sheng Guangzu, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail, which will be operating at the end of June this year, will be scheduled to operate at two speed grade trains with speeds of 300 and 250 kilometers per hour. Two types of fares will be implemented. The initial price will be 90 pairs per day, including a one-stop service between Beijing and Shanghai. Direct, direct access between the provincial cities and the staggered parking along the station three modes.

At the same time, after the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail was put into operation, the existing Beijing-Shanghai line still reserved 135 pairs of general-purpose passenger cars, and 58 pairs of general-purpose passenger cars were still reserved in the highest-density areas.

At the end of March, Sheng Guangzu made an explanation on the fare issues that people are concerned about. He said that the direct ticket from Beijing to Shanghai will be measured on the basis of direct transportation throughout the entire journey, and will be a little cheaper than the civil air fares. The second type is parking in the area, and its fares are much cheaper than civil air fares.

Sheng Guangzu said that the direct fares of Beijing and Shanghai are measured by the company based on the cost of railway construction and operating costs. The final fare will be submitted for approval after being evaluated according to the procedures of the price method.

Speed ​​of HSR dropped to 300 kilometers

Yesterday, the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Railways News said that the high-speed rail will be reduced to less than 300 kilometers, the first is for safety and security, and second, the fare is expected to be reduced accordingly. According to the reporter's understanding, the Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed rail that has opened has reached 350 kilometers per hour.

Mixed run ticket prices increase

Minister Sheng Guangzu of the Ministry of Railways also stated that driving a train with a speed of 300 kilometers per hour on a line with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour has greater security redundancy, and at the same time, it also makes the fare more in line with market rules.

Sheng Guangzu revealed that when the national railway operation map is adjusted on July 1 this year, a mixed operation mode will be implemented. First, at the speed of 300 kilometers per hour on the high-speed railway, at the same time open 300 kilometers per hour and 200-250 kilometers per hour two EMU trains. There are two types of fare choices: direct access to the car, parking in the area, and more rides.

The second is to run 200-250 km/h EMU trains and 120-160 km/h so-called ordinary buses at the same time on 200-250 km/h lines, and implement EMUs and ordinary passenger bus fares.

The third is to open regular passenger cars and cargo trains on the 200km/h line and not only meet the needs of the people in the mountainous areas and the central and western regions, but also take care of freight transportation and increase freight capacity.

"Railway construction cannot be excessively advanced."

Sheng Guangzu also said that the scale of railway construction should be moderately advanced, but not excessively advanced. It is necessary to ensure that projects that have been started, according to the needs of development, urgently needed projects must be on the first; projects that have already been completed must be completed.

According to statistics, Liu Zhi, the former Minister of the Ministry of Railways, was the “Leap-over” development period in which China Railways had the largest investment and fastest construction speed ever. At present, the operating mileage of China's high-speed railway has reached 8,358 kilometers, ranking first in the world. In addition, more than 10,000 kilometers of high-speed railways are under construction.

High-speed rail civil aviation won the war source

According to the reporter’s understanding, the high-speed rail had previously set the fare according to driving mileage. The pricing standard for the second-class seat ticket was 0.484 yuan per kilometer, and the full length of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail was 1,318 kilometers. By calculation, the second-class ticket for the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail was at 640 yuan. about.

At present, the full price of air tickets from Shanghai to Beijing is 1,130 yuan, but tickets are often discounted, and the discounted price can be as low as 550 yuan. With the opening of Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed rail and Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed rail, the competition between civil aviation and high-speed rail passengers has begun quietly.

Earlier media reports said that with the convenience of high-speed rail services for Wuhan, the short-haul routes within 600 kilometers of Wuhan have been grounded.

On April 1, the Wuhan-Nantong flight was declared grounded. It took only five months from its operation to be called one of the "shortest-lived" flights in history. On March 27, the flight to Wuhan from and to Nanjing also took off. All grounded.

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