The stage of crushing and grinding

Due to the different methods of mining, ore beneficiation and transportation capacity of the plant and sent to a concentrator for processing blocks of different ore, as mined ore open, bulk 1000-1500 mm; ore underground mining, large blocks 300 to 600 mm. According to the current technical conditions and equipment performance, it is difficult to pulverize such a large ore to the particle size required for sorting. In the production of mineral processing industry, the grinding is carried out in stages. First, using a mechanical crusher crushing the oversized mineral to several tens of millimeters or a few millimeters, and then use the grinding machine to grind the ore continues size sorting requirements. At present, the crushing ratio of the crusher used in the ore dressing production is very small, generally 3 to 5 . Therefore, the crushing operation is divided into three sections: coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing. The grinding operation is usually divided into one section (rough grinding) and two sections (fine grinding). When the particle size requirement is very fine, there are three sections of grinding or coarse concentrate. , the mine is re-grinding.

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