The strategic significance of using forest germplasm resource pool to carry out protection of forest germplasm resources

Although China has a wide variety of forests, it is widely distributed and scattered, coupled with slow growth, long life cycle, late planting, difficulties in seed collection, large planted and conserved land area, complex cultivation and management, and high cost, resulting in forest species. The collection and preservation of quality resources is very difficult. In addition, with the late start of the protection and utilization of forest germplasm resources in China, it is urgently needed to use modern forest tree germplasm resources and other important conservation equipment and technologies to accelerate the speed and progress of tree germplasm resources protection, and provide the development of forestry in China. Important genetic material.

Forest germplasm resource bank

Although the protection and utilization of forest germplasm resources in China started relatively late, but fortunately in recent years, the awareness of forest germplasm resources protection has been continuously strengthened in all localities. In addition, basic research, key technologies, and forest germplasm resources related to forest germplasm resources. The rapid development of the library construction has also accelerated the development of the protection of forest tree germplasm resources in China and provided important technical support for the initial establishment of forest germplasm resources protection system.

It is of great strategic significance to use forest germplasm resource pools to carry out protection of forest germplasm resources. The rich species diversity and genetic diversity of forest germplasm resources are important components of biodiversity, and they are the material basis and prerequisite for the continuous reproduction and development of all tree species. They are also important assets and strategic resources of the country. It is of great significance to many functions such as the realization of forest products and ecosystem services, and even to climate change. Under the construction and application of forest germplasm resource pools, breakthroughs have been made in the conservation and evaluation of many important tree germplasm resources in China, laying the foundation for molecular breeding and functional gene mining.

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