The thing that most people need is actually understanding the dump truck suspension in minutes.

“If steel is easy to break, if it is too soft, then it is to describe it as being too strong, but it must not be unfounded. If this sentence is a descriptive one, then it would be no surprise, but putting it in a car may be a little strange, but there is indeed such a stretchable part in the truck that is the suspension.

As one of the most important components of a truck chassis system, the characteristics of the suspension are related to the various performance characteristics of the vehicle. If you look from the outside, this layer of steel mat may not have technical content, but if you really think so wrong.

Truck chassis suspension Truck chassis suspension

Although the main function of the suspension is to provide elastic deformation of the vehicle chassis during driving, it should never be assumed to be simple. On the contrary, the characteristics of the suspension are basically a pair of brothers who often fight, why not say that? For the suspension system, comfort and controllability to achieve "fish and bear's paw" at the same time, it is indeed a Hard things.

For example, when a soft suspension hits a sharp bend and the speed is too fast, there is a danger of overturning. Therefore, in order to pursue stability, the design of the suspension is very hard, but the slightest bump into a gully and so on came to the inside of the car. So for suspensions such as "contradictory" components, if there aren't two brushes, it's not going to work. Of course, today we don't talk to the depths, just take the dump truck as an example to see the composition and characteristics of the suspension system.

SAIC Red Rock Dump Truck SAIC Red Rock Dump Truck

As a vehicle that emphasizes load carrying capacity in the heavy truck field, the type of suspension of the dump truck is mainly divided into air suspension, rubber suspension, and leaf spring suspension, and due to material characteristics and other reasons. The three types of suspension also show completely different characteristics of use.

Air suspension light weight self-adjusting soft and hard

For example, air suspension, simply speaking, air suspension is a suspension with an air spring as an elastic element. Its greatest advantage is its light weight, especially for some heavy-duty dump trucks. Vehicles equipped with air suspension must be lighter than 1,000 kg. . The most direct effect of light weight is the increase in load and fuel consumption, which is particularly important for the emphasis on lightweight transport.

Volvo truck air suspension Volvo truck air suspension

At present, there are fewer domestic dump trucks using air suspension, but they have been blooming in Europe and the United States. For example, the Volvo FMX dump truck with air suspension not only has a very light suspension structure, but also has a very high ride stability. When the vehicle is running at a high speed, since the air suspension can self-adjust the soft and hard, the air spring becomes hard to improve the stability of the vehicle, and when the vehicle encounters poor road conditions, the air spring becomes soft and improves the comfort of the vehicle. It can be said that the suspension perfectly adapts to various complicated road surfaces.

Rubber suspension maintenance-free lowers the cost of use

And then there is the rubber suspension. As its name implies, its elastic component is rubber. In fact, its working principle is similar to that of engine suspension. The entire suspension system has very strong carrying capacity, and it is noiseless, maintenance-free, and has lower operating costs. The rubber suspension structure is simple and easy to install, and can reduce assembly time and improve work efficiency.

HUV rubber suspension HUV rubber suspension

We took the example of a heavy-duty dump truck manufactured by China Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. equipped with a rubber suspension. As a unique HUV rubber suspension in China, its unsprung mass is very low, and it is also satisfactory in terms of operational efficiency and fuel consumption. The point.

In addition, because rubber is lighter than steel and has damping properties, it can store more energy for telescopic deformation. The HUV rubber suspension also does not need lubrication, but also has a higher elongation and resistance to weathering and corrosion. Therefore, outstanding physical properties make rubber the best suspension spring for suspension systems.

Rubber Suspension Used by China Heavy Duty Truck Dump Truck Rubber Suspension Used by China Heavy Duty Truck Dump Truck

In addition, the use of rubber suspended Chinese heavy truck M5G models if the elastic components in the course of the damage, it will not affect the vehicle's driving, you can send the goods to the destination, and then implement the replacement, effectively avoiding the user's direct or Indirect loss.

Leaf spring structure is simple and reliable, high stability and good

The last is the leaf spring suspension commonly used in domestic dump trucks. As a type of suspension commonly used for heavy trucks, its main features are simple structure, high reliability and good stability.

Leaf spring suspension Leaf spring suspension

For example, the U-bolt +12 leaf springs used in SAIC's Hongyan Diamond Dump Truck are superimposed into an inverted triangle shape. The steel plate springs connect the axle to the car body, which can cushion and reduce the bumpy road surface. Vibration effect. Therefore, the leaf spring is both a suspension elastic element and a suspension guide. Moreover, because both ends of the leaf spring are hinged with the frame, it is possible to transmit various moments and determine the trajectory of the wheel, and the driver can also more clearly understand the trackability of the vehicle.

In fact, the role of the suspension is to provide a rigid connection to the body, while giving the chassis a certain degree of freedom. If it is too soft or too hard, it will affect the driving performance of the vehicle. For dump trucks, to be both hard and soft can give a better balance between load capacity and controllability, just as for a man, being able to stretch is the real man.


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