UK to Include Light Commercial Vehicles in Scrap Rejection

In order to further stimulate automobile consumption, the Ministry of Commerce’s Innovation and Technology Department of the Ministry of Commerce has recently revised the standards of vehicles that scrapped and subsidized policies. According to the latest scrapping and subsidy policy, light commercial vehicles with a service period of more than eight years (including eight years) and before the factory date on February 29, 2000 (including February 29, 2000) will be included in the scope of end-of-life subsidies. within.

In order to further promote the consumption of 100,000 vehicles, the British government has re-appropriated this subsidy policy at the end of September this year. The subsidy policy will continue until the end of February 2010.

At the same time, the UK's local industrial organization Automobile Manufacturers and Distributors Association (SMMT) also correspondingly increased the UK's 2010 sales forecast.

SMMT CEO Paul Everitt said: "The British government's retirement allowance policy will undoubtedly increase the number of vehicles on the 2009 or even 2010. However, recent data from the SMMT show that the UK auto market recovery is still relatively slow, but also need the government to continue to introduce policies to improve Consumer confidence."

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