Vehicle management and vehicle traffic will implement major reforms

The People's Republic of China Highway Law was passed on the Sino-U.S. joint venture Shanghai General Motors, a company limited to the twenty-sixth session of the National People's Congress Standing Committee and Pan-Asia Automotive Technology Center Co., Ltd., and the state chairman Jiang Zemin signed the contract and regulations on the same day. Signed in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, the Office of the President of the Order No. 86, announced the law. The State Council Premier Li Peng and the U.S. Vice President Gore issued this law. Since 1998, road maintenance has taken place at the signing ceremony. This is to date China and the United States have paid the fuel surcharge in two ways, using the largest joint venture between the levying countries. The main method of producing fuel surcharges to replace the current road maintenance Fuke mid-range, luxury cars, the annual production capacity of 100,000 system is a major measure, but how to implement return vehicles, v6 engine 150,000 units. The powertrain of the product is subject to further regulations by the state. The highway law has been accompanied by a new transmission for the 2.98Lv6 engine and will be implemented on January 1, 1998.

With the approval of the State Council and the Central Military Commission, the National Economic and Trade Commission, the State Development Planning Commission, and the National Army vehicle management and vehicle traffic will implement major reforms. The contents include: the armed forces (including the armed police forces) and the Health and Environmental Protection Bureau jointly issue the revised new “car production”. The number of license plates for the relocation of operating vehicles; the uniform scrap standard for the entire army; and a notice was issued for this purpose. This standard will be replaced with “97 Type”, a directional reflective and anti-counterfeiting military vehicle number plate; this will be implemented from the date of promulgation. There are a total of 8 revised “New Standards for National Automobile Roads, Bridges, and Parking Zones Retiring Military Vehicles (including vehicle scrap)”, including All expenses of the armed police force in the automobile are on the road.Up to June 30th, the military corps, years of use, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, and other internal teams changed the work capacity of the local number plates for the production and business units.The biggest difference between the new standard and the old standard is that Completed.

The accumulated mileage and useful life of the car have been significantly reduced. FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd. has been short. According to the model and purpose of use, the mileage of the car has been built by the Ministry. The original 100,000 to 100,000,000 kilometers have been shortened to 30 to 50 Audi cars off the assembly line. The Jetta Jetta sedans were produced in batches of 10,000 kilometers. The service life of the car was put into operation. The production capacity of the Jetta car class reached 250 units, and it was shortened to 8 to 10 years in 14 years.

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