Wang Chuanhua, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Commerce of Anqing City, investigated Anqingdi Boggs

Recently, Wang Chuanhua, deputy director of the Bureau of Commerce of Anqing City, and his entourage, investigated the investment in the new group Anqing Timbergs Piston Ring Co., Ltd.

"'Utilizing the advantages of joint ventures to apply and utilize the advanced technology of the world to provide advanced products' has always been the corporate philosophy of Anqing Tiburgs Pistons Co., Ltd. Through the introduction of foreign capital, it brings advanced management and methods, giving full play to the advantages of industrial capital, and improving The company’s core competitiveness has also been shortened by the introduction of advanced technologies to rapidly meet the needs of customers and the market, and in the coming period of time, we continue to introduce foreign capital and advanced technology to maintain our superior position. It is also an invaluable experience for the development of Anqing Emperor Burgers Pistons Co., Ltd. for more than ten years, said Cao Lixin, party secretary of Huanxin Group.

During the investigation, the deputy director of the Bureau of Commerce Wang Chuanhua paid a careful visit to the piston ring type I oil ring production line and listened to the introduction of on-site management personnel.

Anqing Emperor Burgers Piston Ring Co., Ltd. was established in June 1996, China, Japan, and the United States were established in three countries. As of now, Anqing Teburg has the world's largest piston ring production base, sales of automotive rings to maintain the country's No. 1, motorcycle The sales volume of the car rings reached the top in the world in 2000, and it was fully supported by the top 20 auto and motorcycle manufacturers in the country. The market share reached 45% and 55% respectively.

Hook Type Ring Winding Machine

Hook type ring winding machine


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