Welding process and other aspects need urgent research and development

Welding process and other aspects need urgent research and development
According to Tan Naofen, deputy director of the Information and Statistics Department of the China Shipbuilding Industry Association, the localization rate of China's marine engineering equipment steel has reached more than 90%, but some ultra-high-strength, special-performance steels still rely on imports. Moreover, the demand for offshore steel is limited, and the output of offshore steel used in steel mills does not reach economies of scale. The development and production of steel enterprises are more difficult and their enthusiasm is not high.
According to statistics, China's major offshore assembly manufacturing enterprises hold less than 100 offshore drilling platforms, which will be delivered within approximately three years. The annual delivery volume is about 30 to 40 seats/ship, and the annual average steel consumption is only 60 to 800,000 tons. Moreover, the characteristics of offshore steels are multi-category and small-batch. There are numerous offshore steel production enterprises in the country, which have low industrial concentration and scattered orders, and it is difficult for steel enterprises to achieve economies of scale.
Tan Naofen said that for offshore products, including jack-up platforms, semi-submersible platforms, and drilling vessels, due to its large number of steel plates of 420-690 MPa, it is required to provide welding electrodes and carbon dioxide cores with corresponding yield strength levels. Welding wire and submerged arc welding wire / flux. At present, most of the varieties of welding materials are imported, and China is in urgent need of supporting R&D in welding processes, materials, and so on.

Geothermal Heat Pump

Cooling capacity:130kW-2500kW. 

Geothermal heat pumps still provide higher efficiency than air source heat pumps. Some models provide 70% saving compared to electric resistance heaters. 

1.Reusable. Using solar energy stored in earth as cooling & heating source.
2.Great environmental and economic benefit, No boiler or cooling tower; less space, less CO2 and less initial investment.
3.Acting as multi-function unit. Such as cooling, heating, sanitary hot water separately or simultaneously.
4.Wide application as hotel, apartment, villa, factory, shopping center, office building, school, etc.
5.Semi-hermetic screw compressor for mod.130 to 2500. Each compressor is equipped with a crankcase heater and a thermal overload cut-out; the screw compressor is also complete with a built-in electronic protection with temperature sensor located directly in the motor winding and on the discharge line.
6.The refrigerant circuit is complete with sight glass, filter drier, high and low pressure gauges, solenoid valve, direct expansion valve, high and low pressure switch.
7.Shell and tube dry expansion type condenser, factory insulated with flexible close cell material. Shell and tube type evaporator, factory insulated with flexible close cell material.
8.The electric panel consists of compressor breaker, compressor contactor, phase sequence relay, control circuit breaker, microprocessor control with function display.
9.LCD display, touch screen control panel as standard. Automatic operation dramatically reducing maintenance cost thanks to reliable microprocessor system.
10.For the units with semi-hermetic screw compressor, an infinitely variable capacity control system that is capable of exactly matching the demand requirement of the system is to be supplied. This system is to provide precise and stable control of supply water temperature over the complete range of operating conditions.
♦ Electronic expansion valve.
♦ Desuperheater as optional.
♦ Electronic controller with BMS system.
♦ Low noise compressor cabinet or outside full cover

♦ Channel Steel base.

Geothermal heat pump

Geothermal Heat Pump

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