Wuhan Shipbuilding won several orders before and after the Spring Festival

Recently, the Wuhan Shipbuilding News has been frequently reported. Before and after the Spring Festival, the company has won a number of orders in the ship and sea engineering equipment field. Among them, the orders for the two-station full-rotary rudder propellers in Tianjin have been further expanded, and the market share has been further expanded. The CNOOC mobile type has been successfully signed. The orders for crude oil transportation equipment of the test mining platform, the market promotion of independent research and development products showed results; the large-scale integrated equipment of 38,800 tons of bulk cargo ships was accepted in batches, and the market share of traditional products was steadily increased.
It is reported that Wuhan Shipbuilding Hairun Company seized the opportunity to co-ordinate the international and domestic bridge market, and undertook a number of bridge support and seismic isolation product orders, successfully completed 40% of the total contract for the year, and achieved a strong new year.
Entering the New Year, the company is aiming at the company's policy of “being better and stronger” and “going out” in 2016, scientifically planning its business layout, deepening the management of basic operations, improving the technical content of its operations, and focusing on shaping corporate brands in the shipping market. The low valley period won the recognition of customers, and successfully achieved a good start in business, laying a solid foundation for the completion of the annual order.

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