Xinjiang Transformer Factory successfully developed dry rectification variable frequency speed regulation transformer

The first 48-pulse dry-type rectified variable frequency speed-regulating transformer developed by TBEA Xinjiang Transformer Factory Box Change Co., Ltd. was qualified for one-time test, and sent to the user! The product model is ZTSGSF-1250/10, the high voltage coil voltage level is 10kV, and the low voltage coil consists of 24 sets of phase shifting windings. The key technical parameters of the product, such as the phase shift angle error of the secondary side variable winding, The voltage deviation and partial discharge of each winding of the side-conversion winding are controlled within the domestic advanced level. The whole process of product design, manufacturing and testing relies entirely on its own strength and has completely independent intellectual property rights, thus consolidating the leading position of Xinjiang Transformer Factory in the development of domestic dry-type rectifier variable frequency speed-regulating transformers.

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