· Zero Emissions Public Transport Proposal was released in Zhuzhou, Hunan

On December 1st, the “New Energy Vehicle Demonstration and Promotion and Business Model Development Forum” jointly hosted by the Electric Vehicles and the City Passenger Transportation Branch of the Association, visited the CSR era electric new energy electric drive system and vehicle production line. In the same period, Shen Yuxiang, Chairman of CSR Times Electric Power, issued the “Zero Emission Public Transport Proposal” to advocate the industry's development mission of “zero emission public transportation”. Deputy Mayor He Jianbo of Zhuzhou City and Deputy Director of the Urban Passenger Transport Branch of China Road Transport Association Hu Jianping Mr. Wang Binggang, head of the supervision team of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, battery expert Huang Xuejie, chief expert of China South Locomotive Guo Shuying and more than 100 representatives of public transportation users witnessed the launch of the proposal. The “Zero Emissions Public Transport Proposal” reads as follows:

Zero Emissions Public Transport Proposal

Zero-emission public transportation, this is a proposition that I could not imagine in the past. However, in the past few years, China's new energy buses have experienced unusual explorations from hybrid power, extended range plug-in, to pure electric drive, and zero-emission public transportation has begun to dawn. The government's policy support and financial subsidies give us firm confidence and infinite power. The new energy bus technology with electric drive technology as the core is driving the development of “zero emission public transportation”. As a member of the technology application of “zero emission public transportation”, the CSR era electric initiative is as follows:

First, start from your own unit or group, deeply understand the era of “We live in a fossil energy crisis and environmental climate issues”, establish a crisis awareness of energy and climate, cherish our global homeland, and deeply understand “zero-emission public transportation” "It is the best choice to reduce fossil energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions;

Second, zero-emission public transportation is an important goal of public transportation development. Zero-emission passenger car technology is the basis of zero-emission public transportation. We continue to explore the best technical route of zero-emission passenger cars in practice, and make reliable in benign competition and contending The technical route of sex, safety, economy and practicality stands out;

Third, electric drive, battery, electronic control and other key parts manufacturing enterprises, believe that the possibility of zero-emission technology is limitless, spare no effort to participate in the technology exploration of zero-emission public transportation with zero-emission as the mission and electric drive as the focus;

4. Bus manufacturers have demonstrated their ability to integrate technology, discover and select excellent technologies, and manufacture zero-emission public transportation vehicles that are comparable in reliability, safety and economy to traditional energy buses.

5. Public transport operators and management departments actively encourage the deployment and operation of zero-emission public transport vehicles, and public transport vehicles with zero emissions are preferentially provided with public resources;

6. Pay attention to the power of news dissemination, guide the media to guide public opinion, widely disseminate zero-emission knowledge, zero-emission technologies and zero-emissions cases with professional public opinion, and continue to create a public opinion environment for the development of zero-emission public transportation;

7. Each entity will fully use the state's policy support and financial subsidies for new energy buses for technical research and product upgrades, and make unremitting efforts for the sustainable development of zero-emission public transportation technologies.

Eight, do not engage in vicious competition, do not sacrifice quality for cost reduction, and solidly promote the new energy zero-emission public transportation technology advancement with quality.

9. Attracting more people of insight, technical strength, and private capital to participate in the research of new energy bus technology and the development of zero-emission public transportation applications;

We call for the firm determination and policy support of the country to vigorously develop new energy buses. Our only choice is to overcome difficulties and move forward to make public transportation a pioneer in zero emissions, making renewable energy the mainstream choice for future public transportation. Today, We witnessed together and built a milestone in the development of “zero emission public transportation”.

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