Zhongju Battery Jilin Production Base Expanded Production

Recently, Zhongju Battery announced that the expansion of its Jilin production base has now started production. It is understood that after the expansion of production, the production base will provide product protection for the development of electric vehicles in cooperation with FAW buses and the subsequent electric vehicle industrialization projects and the State Grid for electric vehicle battery projects in Hangzhou.

Sinopoly Battery and its subsidiaries (“the Group”) are high-tech integrated groups focused on the production, sales, and technology research and development of rare earth lithium-ion batteries and their application products. Sinopoly batteries are now used in electric vehicles, including Pure electric cars, electric light buses, electric city buses and electric brigade buses. At the same time, it can provide ideal lithium-ion batteries for various applications such as electric boats, electric boats, and sightseeing submarines.

It is reported that after the expansion project of Zhongju Battery Jilin Production Base is put into operation, the total design annual production capacity will reach 120 million ampere hours, and it is expected to reach an annual output value of 940 million yuan.

Debismuthizing Agent CTJ

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